When you want to protect something, you lock it. So why should it be anything different with your mobile system control panels?

Barpro Johannesburg receives a number of call-outs, where the control panel at the back of the mobiles were not closed for various reasons. This gives unwanted guests the opportunity to tamper with the electronics and cause overloads and motors to burn out.  When there is unauthorised human intervention in control panels, risks to safety interlocks are increased. This can result in damage & injury.

As a collective effort with our technical team, we have designed a bracket to act as a secondary locking system. It has no wearing parts and is made out of 3mm steel. We have already installed over 50 of these units recently.

For less than R600 you will have a steel bracket with a lock (all keyed alike) installed in your store. This is less than the cost of one Siemens overload. Installation is quoted separately, and costs are depended on the size of the store. We have found that the number of call-outs, just in one particular store, have come down dramatically and repair costs have been significantly reduced. 

Our experienced technical team can assist with this solution.

Give us a call at (011) 392 1702 – Corne Stapelberg