Newly built cold & freezer stores should be independently inspected

I first met Keith when he was a refrigeration engineer in Cape Town at what was then Commercial Cold Storage. Subsequently he worked for Byalex and then Instastor installing insulated panels before heading off to Saudi and Qatar for seven years. Recently returned to Cape Town, Keith has set up Cooltec and specialises in checking the pressurisation of freezer rooms, thermal imaging and undertaking independent inspections of completed projects before hand over and warranty expiry.

With 40 years experience in most aspects of cold and freezer store construction as well as seven years in the quality conscious Middle Eastern market, Keith is now available to undertake inspections as well as giving practical advice.

Here are a couple of things that Keith has found recently during one of his inspections:

strip curtain
On inspection of a newly installed strip curtain showing cold air leaking from the top. This required correction


Sprinkler system
From a distance this sprinkler system looks fine but on closer inspection it was found to be rusting after 1 year due to ill fitting insulation.


Independently inspected new cold stores Contact Keith Bell on 076 441 5970 or










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