Another use for forklift/ reach trucks?

We all know what forklifts are used for but let’s do some out-of-the-box thinking. For example, how about using a forklift or reach truck to sweep your cold store floors?

In this article, we look at the forklift brush attachment that reduces the need for manual labor, increases productivity, and handles materials safely. A suitably sized forklift brush can:

  • Sweep wet and dry materials
  • Is manufactured from robust and durable materials
  • Is suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Is low in cost and maintenance
  • Has replaceable bristles and magnet attachments for bolts, nuts, and other metal debris.

What is the forklift brush attachment?

The brushes are easily attached to any fork truck and are versatile enough to sweep up debris in your cold store.

Sweeping a freezer store by hand is an uncomfortable and difficult task. A reach truck with a heated cab could brush an access aisle in minutes, bringing any rubbish to the front of the gangway where it could be easily picked up. The same procedure could be used in a mobile racked store, thus preventing debris from impeding movement of the mobile bases.

Reach trucks with heat cabs are particularly suitable as the sweeper does get cold.

Features many benefits to help you with a range of tasks

Increase safety by efficiently cleaning your workplace with a durable and low-maintenance brush which can be easily attached to a heated reach truck or forklift with or without a heated cab. This daily time-saving cleaning solution can be carried out at the end of the shift.


  • Handles difficult wastes like steel strapping, pieces of pallet, sand, gravel, pallet stretch wrap, debris, sludge, mud, dirt, etc.
  • Economic and practical with a powerful sweeping action at a fraction of the cost of a mechanical sweeper.
  • Reduces cleanup time and costs.
  • Long-lasting, with rugged construction and a long brush life, ensuring over 400 km can be swept for every 100 mm of bristle.
  • Low maintenance with no moving parts to break or wear out and no downtime.
  • Easy bristle replacement; simply slide-in, slide-out.
  • Easy quick and versatile mounting
  • Incredible safety benefits with no moving parts and minimal dust.
  • Easy cleaning with water or steam.
  • Bidirectional – sweep forward or in reverse

A clean cold store floor is a primary driver for less maintenance on the mobile racking systems.


With L1800mm, and 8 rows of bristles, the width would be around 200-250mm.

Approximate Unit price:  R 10 600 per set

Optional magnet kit  

Approximate Unit price R 12 500 per set

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