Barpro needs freezer employee’s feet

Barpro needs a freezer employee’s feet for several weeks

Barpro needs freezer employee’s feet – Over the next few weeks Barpro will be testing a variety of socks, including possum, wool, mohair, alpacha and synthetic in a freezer store yet to be chosen. The objective is to identify the sock type that is able to best insulate against the cold, keeping employees comfortable and productive for longer periods. So we will need their honest feedback on quality, durability and of course…smell.

The lucky cold store employee needs to:

  • Have the permission of their employer (the company will get free advertising in our newsletter, YEAH!)
  • Be based in Cape Town
  • Works in a freezer storage facility for no less than 10 mins at a time
  • Be able and willing to supply us with feedback

To participate in the great Barpro sock test contact Danielle Manuel at 021 552 9190 or email