Barpro buys new generator

This week, AJ Power, Northern Ireland’s global generator manufacturer, delivered Barpro’s new 125KVA model with noise suppressing canopy from their Cape Town premises in Airport City.


On arrival, Fintan Haveron, an electrical engineer, was surprised to find South Africa’s first AJ Power genset sitting in the warehouse. This machine, an AJ 40, has provided alternative power for Barpro through several ESKOM crises but is now too small to handle even a portion of Barpro’s electrical load. The decision to buy the AJ 125 was based on the recent revelations surrounding the defective boiler designs at ESKOM’s new power stations and almost inevitable strikes around splitting ESKOM into three entities. James regaled Fintan with stories about his trip back to Northern Ireland to buy the first genset some 12 years ago.


Although something of a grudge purchase, at least Barpro should not experience delivery delays and downtime due to load shedding.