What is the difference between Febset 45 and Spal-pro 2000?

You have a hole in the floor, and you’re not sure which product is the right one?  Here is a short breakdown of Febset 45 and Spal-pro 2000 to help you decide:

Febset 45 is a specially formulated repair mortar which provides a repair material for concrete slabs which reaches an adequate strength for trafficking, or other use, at a very early age.  The material hardens to give sufficiently high early strength to receive heavy traffic within a period of less than one hour at 15-20°C.

Advantages of Febset 45:

• High strength at a very early age (45 minutes)Febset 45

• Minimum delay to traffic and production.

• Ready for use.  Only requires the addition of water.

• High bond strength.  No secondary bonding agents required.

• Highly durable.  Excellent resistance to de-icing salts.

• High freeze / thaw resistance.

• No curing required.

• Non-shrink.

• Can be placed in sub-zero temperatures.

Spal-pro 2000 is a rapid setting, two-component polyuria polymer liquid of 100% solids content.  When cured, Spal-pro 2000 is a charcoal gray solid with a hard rubber-like hardness of A-95.

Spal-pro 2000 was developed to fill and protect joints in industrial concrete floors that are subject to hard wheels and heavy loads.  Spal-pro can be used in ambient and freezer applications.

Spal-pro 2000 is ideal for the repair of spalled joints, filling random cracks and patching gouges, holes and surface defects etc.

Advantages of Spal-pro 2000

• Spal-pro 2000 is rated “heavy duty” and will not deflect under loadsSpalPro

• It is Rapid Setting.  You can expose the area to traffic loads within 15 minutes.

• It can be used in coolers and freezers down to minus 29°C and in ambient temperatures up to
49°C, all with equally successful results.

• You get consistent cure and quality in all environments

In short, Spal-pro 2000  is more suitable for filling cracks,  opening joints and around rails.  For larger holes and doorway floor problems Febset 45 will probably be a more cost effective solution.  Proper preparation of the floor area to be repaired is critical to achieve a lasting fix with both these products .

Should you still be unsure, contact Rosie at 021 552 9190 or Angelique at 011 450 1075 to learn more and place your order.