Timberlea Expansion

In November 2018 Barpro installed a second Storax system at Timberlea Farming Trust at the Blue Jay farm store outside Stellenbosch.

The first Storax system was installed in 2013 for 441 pallets each of which is immediately accessible, an important consideration in fruit stores.

Phase two, just completed, holds 321 pallets each 1000mms by 1200mms by 2400mms high and a maximum weight of 1200kgs.




There was discussion around changing the pallet orientation from phase 1’s 1000mm facing and 1200mms deep to 1200mms facing and 1000mms deep. While theoretical capacity would have been raised to 339 pallets the moving aisle would have been too narrow at 3346mms for the counterbalance forklift to operate in and it was decided to keep the pallet orientation the same as in phase 1.

The racking and pallet support bars were supplied and installed by Dexion Cape. Barpro’s trademark wooden bumpers were also installed to protect the front of the bases and control panels from possible forklift impacts.



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