For Storax Mobiles, Size Doesn’t Matter

A freezer measuring 9.2 by 14.86 meters and 5.9 meters high could be considered too small for mobile racking. Barpro was approached by Nick Mitchell, of Frizon Refrigeration, at the end of January to assist his client, In 2 Foods, increase the storage capacity of a new cold store which needed access to every pallet location.  After some on site discussions it was decided to slightly increase the store width and install one Storax base, giving a total capacity of 120 pallets.




Work started on site in Mid- February, digging out the existing floor. This was followed by the installation of the insulated panels, subfloor insulation, Storax rails and poured concrete floor. The room was racked out and ready to go by the last week of March.




Project managed by Nick Mitchell, who also supplied the refrigeration, Julian Naicker of Insulated Project Solutions installed the panel, Melt Wahl of Melt Wahl Concrete Services laid the floor, Barpro Storage supplied the embedded rail and mobile base, while Ron Bonthuys of Dexion Cape installed the racking superstructure.


The team appreciates the assistance provided by Ruan Brits and Salieg Barnes of In 2 Foods and hopes that the new cold store will provide sufficient additional storage space.

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