New Delf Gloves

The quest for the perfect glove that combines dexterity with warmth and comfort may be at the end of the rainbow but here is a pretty good imitation.


Cold Store managers around the world know how important it is for their cold store workers to be as comfortable as possible when entering their store. Keeping cold store workers warm determines a company’s productivity and profits.


But if any parts of the body gets cold productivity drops. Hands are particularly prone to cold because of it’s relatively high surface area.


We recently received a few samples the new Leather Palm Red Cold Store Gloves from Delf Coldwear Solutions and immediately had our Delf clients at I&J in Cape Town try them out.


CS glove test


Johan van Zyl, Refrigeration Manager at Irvin & Johnson Limited, had this to say, “The guys are very impressed with the gloves. They work brilliantly according to them.

Photos of Coen Eygelaar, one of our artisans and of Ronnie Killa one of our pickers who work inside the cold rooms”


Contact our offices today to inquire:

Cape Town: +27 21 552 9190

Johannesburg: +27 11 392 1702


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