Whether you are a wholesaler or a distribution centre maximising your space and saving money should be on top of your list to increase profitability. Barpro’s STORAX Mobile racking solution is a high-density, electrically-operated storage system that accommodates both conventional and unconventional racking. Storax mobiles can be used in new and retrofitted ambient and cold-storage applications.

STORAX maximises usable space by removing the need for multiple aisles and providing 100% access to each and every pallet position.

You should consider using mobile racking for the following reasons:

  1. To increase your storage capacity.
  2. Easy access each and every pallet
  3. Consolidate all storage into one warehouse
  4. Minimise the size and investment in a new warehouse project
  5. Increase warehouse storage capacity without extending the building
  6. Minimise the amount of land needed for a warehouse.

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