SMAC Enterprises – bringing solutions to Africa through Dehumidification in the freezer and cold rooms

Due to the difference in water content in the ambient and cold room air, problems with ice and frost accelerate when the moisture-laden outdoor air enters the cold areas. The water starts to condensate and in cold environments, this leads to disturbing creations of ice & frost build-up in cold rooms.

SMAC advises, that when holding and freezer rooms reach minus degrees, their solution would bring the air down as low and as close as possible to the temperature of the space.

Willie Van Rensburg, MD of SMAC Enterprises indicates that when the dew point temperature is equal to or lower than the actual temperature, there cannot be any condensation. This will thus lead to no occurrence of ice build-up or mist.


When the quality of food determines the success of your business, you must think of the best air treatment solution. SMAC has the solution for you. Their specially designed Munters IceDry® system has been created for installation in cold and freezer stores.

For more information on this application, follow these two case studies below:

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SMAC Enterprises are sole agents and authorised partner to Munters dehumidifier products. SMAC in South Africa provides services for clients throughout Africa. With over 17 years of experience, they offer complete turn-key air treatment solutions for each unique industry need.

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