Should water tanks be a compulsory feature at all cold stores and warehouses?

At 54% the Western Cape dam levels are way down on last year. If it doesn’t improve soon there will be problems next summer.

Water shortages are something that the Australian cold storage guys have experienced. Their big cold stores all have water tanks, I have seen them at both Oxford and Montague, where they find it profitable to use rain water (suitably treated) in the condensers. One of the tanks pictured below is for the sprinklers and they are not allowed to use this water for anything else, but the others catch rain water off the roof.

As far as we know there are no cold stores in SA that do the same thing. With the low rainfalls we are surprised that this has not become a mandatory requirement. If there are any cold stores catching rain water we would be very interested to get more information.

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Water tank at Montague Cold Store, Melbourne, Australia
Water tank at Montague Cold Store, Melbourne, Australia