Repairing floors in freezer stores

NEWS & MEDIA | 01 February 2019

Repairing floors in freezer stores

The above repair was about 450mm at its widest wide 3000mm long and about 70mm deep, and required about 10 litres (18kg) of “Cold Patch”. The repair took about 40 minutes to effect and would have accepted traffic after about 2 to 3 hours. Temperature was minus 25 degrees Celsius.


“Cold Patch” when cured is hard but non-brittle and adheres strongly to most cementitious substrates.


For more info please contact Gary at Construction Components on 011-393-6357 or visit their website


An alternative cold store floor repairs to be done in-house, Barpro has limited stock of a cement based product called Febset 45 which acts as a repair agent for concrete slabs.

Febset 45

This specially formulated solution reaches an adequate strength for traffic in less than an hour and can be used at -20 degrees Celcius although it must be correctly prepared and the instructions followed to the letter.