Precool Cold Storage – increasing storage capacity

Precool Cold Storage based in Hammersdale has partnered with Maersk, to establish their second dedicated warehouse in South Africa. The new facility is 11 000 m² and required an increased storage capacity of the existing store operations. Precool has been described as the largest transcritical CO₂ cold storage facility in Africa. Transcritical CO₂ systems have become a viable option in most food warehouses.

This warehouse can manage temperatures from ambient to -25˚C in which the mobile racking system can be fully operational for the citrus and frozen pallets. With a chamber width of 25,850 meters, Barpro was able to install a mobile racking system that provided the storage capacity of 7402 pallets on mobile and static racking.  Barpro offered a solution that is electronically powered and remote-controlled. The cascade control system design was integrated according to Precool’s requirements.

Precool is a multi-temperature-controlled facility that has eleven chambers and can manage up to an excess of 12500 pallets and has a backup generator.

The installation was completed by April 2021.

For more information, please view the YouTube video of Precool Cold Storage