Dynamic Freon Leak detection

Do you have a Freon leak? – CALL THE GAS BUSTERS!

Dynamic Freon Leak detection – One of the big cost of ownership drawbacks of Freon systems are the inevitable leaks that might cost you anything from R10,000 per incident for a medium sized system to R40,000 for a larger one.


Finding a leak with traditional Semiconductor sensored leak detectors require the operator to virtually place the probe in the cloud of escaping gas.  The leak detector pictured above can dynamically detect a range of “Freon” gases and can also be customer programmed for future gasses, which includes but are not limited to R22, R404, R507, R407f (R22 replacement), R134A and R410A .


It can reliably pick up refrigerant leaks as low as 5ppm (5 grams of gas per 1m3 ), it reduces leak detection time by 50% and in some cases leaks that have been eluding technicians for 2 weeks have been identified within 1 hour of arriving on site. This also eliminates the chance of missing a second leak once the first one have been fixed as a quick sweep of the facility will point out any other potential problem areas.


For further information on this new Freon gas detector, contact:

Rick Du Toit at Refrigeration Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Email: newbus@refsols.co.za 

Tel: +27 (0) 21 9317144


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