Delf stock must go!

NEWS & MEDIA | 01 June 2016

Delf stock must go!

Delf Freezer wear supplied by mobile racking suppliers in South Africa, Barpro Storage SA


Barpro has generous amounts of small Delf suits and boots and we are happy to sell them at the old pricing.

  • The Delf Cocoon jackets and gloves are made of special blend hollow fibres which traps more body heat, keeping staff warmer and more productive.
  • They are tough and durable and last 3 times longer than locally supplied cold store PPE – guaranteed value on purchase!

This special is only valid until 15 June 2016

Special valid on the following items:

Cocoon Delf Salopette (CC26)
Cocoon Delf                                                          Salopette (CC26) – 29 Smalls available
Delf Cocoon One-Piece Coverall
Delf Cocoon One-Piece                                         Coverall (CC27) – 13 Smalls available


Delf Cocoon Freezer Jacket (CC24)
 Delf Cocoon Freezer Jacket (CC24)
Delf PALO ALTO Zip Sided Leather Boot (F02)
Delf PALO ALTO Zip Sided                         Leather Boot (F02) – 6 Smalls available