5 Myths about Cold Store PPE Clothing!

5 Myths about Cold Store PPE Clothing!
NEWS & MEDIA | 26 July 2016

5 Myths about Cold Store PPE Clothing!

Whatever you call it – Chill wear, Cold wear, Freezer wear or Cold Store clothing.  Wearing the correct attire is vital for keeping people safe, warm and comfortable when working in naturally or unnaturally cold environments. However, we know that there are a lot of misconceptions about this type of clothing. Delf Coldwear Solutions would like to ensure you that when you wear our Cocoon Range of Cold store Clothing you will wonder why everyone else complains about the following common problems:


1. It’s really heavy.

The first issue about cold wear clothing is that in order to keep the user warm it needs to be thick and heavy. Technological advances in the design of the fabric we use to make our clothing means that this is no longer true for Delf Clothing! Our Cocoon range is made of lightweight, versatile fabric which is extremely strong, keeping the wearer safe, warm and comfortable in any cold environment.


2. It makes movement difficult.

Here at Delf Coldwear Solutions, we know that working in bulky, ill-fitting clothing can make your job very difficult. Our Cocoon range is manufactured with comfort in mind – the knee areas are patterned for ease of movement and the arms are designed not to shrink up the length of the arm when outstretched.
All our cold store trousers and salopettes are fitted with a pocket for an optional knee pad to ensure comfort when kneeling on hard cold store floors.



5 Myths about Cold Store PPE Clothing!
Cocoon Delf Salopette (CC26)
5 Myths about Cold Store PPE Clothing!
Delf Cacoon Freezer Jacket (CC24)












3. It gets really sweaty.

If you follow our recommendations of layering correctly under the cold store clothing, you shouldn’t have a problem with over perspiring. Wearing a thermal layer against your body helps to wick away any perspiration from your body and prevent you getting uncomfortable and cold. Next you should have…


4. Gloves make it impossible to pick anything up.

Delf Leather Palm Cold Store Glove
Delf Leather Palm Cold Store Glove

Working in a cold environment means that hands need to be protected. The immediate thought that will come to mind is that gloves are too bulky and make it difficult to do anything with your hands. However, Delf Coldwear Solutions offer a wide range of gloves to suit all sorts of different cold conditions. They are all lightweight, very flexible and give you greater control to grip and use your hands as normal.  Of course no glove is doing its job to  keep you warm will be able to give you the dexterity of bare hands.



5. Head gear is uncomfortable and annoying to wear.

Wearing something on your head while working in a cold environment is extremely important as if left uncovered the head is the area of the body where people often lose a lot of heat. For many of us the idea of wearing a balaclava, beanie or gaiter isn’t a great one, because we think it will get in the way and be itchy and uncomfortable. Our range of head gear is designed give the wearer warmth and protection whilst being comfortable


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