Cleaning Frozen Juice Concentrate From Cold Store Floors

We were curious as to how cold stores around the world deal with built up ice and more particularly, frozen juice concentrates spills. Their methods as it turns out are not that different to those of South African freezer stores.

Stephen Neel of the GCCA spoke to Jason Dick of Dick Cold Storage, a cold store in Columbus Ohio, USA, and asked him about the steps they take to get rid of frozen pineapple juice built up on their cold store floors.

These were his suggestions:

“Using a hand held paint scraper, or extension pole scraper, Remove all three dimensional residue from the spill site. This may require scraper(s), rags, waste can. Elbow grease at its finest.

After the three dimensional residue has been lifted, there are a few solvents that can tackle the remaining stickiness and cosmetic staining deposits that remain.  I prefer two different chemicals:

– The first chemical I recommend is a product called Suma Freeze / Gel / Helada.  This product is supplied by an American based company called Diversey, Inc; and can be bought online from companies of the likes of Amazon. You need to make sure to vacate all storage food items in close proximity before usage and cleanup.

– Secondly, I also recommend using a more archaic chemical traditionally known as RV Antifreeze. While not typically sold to be used as a cleaning solvent, it is non-toxic, and does not gum-up when exposed to harsh temperature. Make sure to vacate all storage food items in close proximity before usage and cleanup.”

I-Smelt is a non-corrosive and food friendly product which converts an ice buildup to slush making it easy to sweep away. (No elbow grease needed)


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