Busy Corner Meats – New Installation

Busy Corner Meat is an independent, privately-owned meat wholesaler based in Landsdowne, Cape Town.  It sources, prepares, packs, and distributes meat products. Each week more than 300 tons of meat are delivered to their Busy Corner Butcher Shops, Locals, restaurants, catering, and retail clients. With more than 400 staff and a fleet of 30 distribution vehicles, Busy Corners’ internationally approved methods are designed to deliver quality. Busy Corners’ objective was to increase storage capacity with a new freezer store supplied with a mobile racking system.

This mobile system has a storage capacity of 2893 pallets on mobile and static racking at a height of 7 levels. 

The installation was a two-phased project which consisted of:

 Ph 1: Levelling and lining of Rails &

 Ph 2: Installation of mobile bases, control system, electrics, and racking superstructure

Racking was supplied and installed by Universal Storage Systems. The mobile system and racking superstructure conform to SEMA design codes.

Busy Corner opted for additional support to the installation i.e.:


It prevents forklift damage to the control panels and mobile bases

  • Provide additional support to pallets within the racking system and minimise damage to both pallet and product.
  • Minimise pallet collapses reducing risk of injury to warehouse and cold store personnel.
  • Assist reach truck operators to load pallets in the correct position on the beams. Especially helpful on the higher levels. That’s why it is best if they are of a different colour i.e., yellow or orange
  • Adds additional strength to the racking structure by connecting the front and back beam.


The pallet support grids are an alternative to pallet support bars and provide increased support to pallets. They provide personnel protection under cantilever racks. The grids work particularly well with most types of plastic pallet which can get brittle in cold temperatures as well as slippy off load beams.

Mr Iqbal Dhansay, Managing Director appreciated Barpro’s attention to detail, assistance, and advice during the course of the project. For more information on mobile racking solutions for your cold or ambient store please contact us on:

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