Barpro is now offering a Service Level Agreement

Let Barpro keep you moving…

Just to let everyone know. Barpro has finally been able to put together a Service Level Agreement for maintaining STORAX mobiles. It offers telephone assistance as well as maintenance checks on a regular basis with feedback within 3 days of each visit. We are also negotiating with STORAX to increase the normal warranty from one year to five years. Although this is not yet standard on every project, please talk to us about it if you are interested.

The Service Level Agreements are being offered in the Gauteng area immediately with the Western Cape, Natal and the Eastern Cape following as soon as possible. Our idea is to create the same sort of service culture around mobiles as already exists with cars. There are differences, of course, but the importance of preventative maintenance is the same.  If anyone has suggestions please get in touch.  Ideally what we would like to see is the STORAX handbook being kept as close to the mobiles as possible with every Barpro visit recorded as well as what repairs were carried out.  Anyone who is interested in considering an SLA please get in touch with Mike Vermeulen or James Cunningham on 021 552 9190 or contact us by email: