A new shipment of Delf Coldwear has just arrived

Barpro Storage is the local agent for UK based Delf. Using a polyester blend of hollow and solid fibres, these garments really keep cold store workers warm, increasing productivity and reducing damage and time lost due to sickness.

Gideon demonstrates the Delf Coldwear suit
Gideon Swanepoel demonstrates the Delf Coldwear suit

The hollow insulation fibres trap air far more efficiently than other makes that simply restrict air movement in the fibre matting. The hollow fill fibre improves the clo rating of the clothing considerably. Tough, durable and long lasting, Delf Coldwear incorporates the latest European health and safety requirements.

Boots, gloves and head gear are also available. To improve efficiencies in cold storage case picking, buying Delf Coldwear is the best decision you will ever make. Apart from physical discomfort and potential health problems, the human brain ceases to function effectively when the body’s core temperature is lowered by more than 0.5°C. With insufficient protection this can happen in as little as 10 minutes inside a cold room. Warm up rooms don’t help as it takes too long to raise the core temperature and only subjects the body to continuous temperature fluctuations.

Productivity improvements of well over 100 % are easily achievable when case pickers use Delf Coldwear. Designed and made in the UK, Delf has set the standard in this demanding market for over 30 years.

For more information please contact Barpro Storage

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