Welcome to the Barpro Blog

It is now three years after the Barpro monthly newsletter  started, and we have been kicking around the idea  in house that we need to find  ways to interact more with our customers.

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Obviously we want to know when someone is unhappy with our performance  as well as when we do something right. This gives us a chance to rectify a mistake or bad service and to congratulate employees who perform well.

But generally, there has been an immense amount of change in the warehousing industry and cold storage in particular. Warehouse and cold store managers can feel isolated and don’t know where to go for advice. For this reason the Barpro newsletters have  not concentrated purely on mobiles, but looked at other  developments and ideas as they come along.  One example of this was Ice Melt, which I originally saw in a Melbourne cold store. After featuring it in a newsletter, we suddenly had inquiries from Malaysia. The article had been picked up by the IARW (International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses) newsletter and broadcast to its members as well. So the cold storage world has become a small place and problems shared can be problems solved.

The result of all this thinking was the decision to start a blog in addition to the monthly newsletter.  It is there for you to use. By all means use it to criticise any bad service you might be unlucky enough to get from us at Barpro. We can use criticism to improve.  But also use it to share a problem. You may find that you are not the only one sitting in the same boat and maybe someone out there will have a solution. I haven’t put any restrictions on input but would prefer that it deals with warehousing or cold storage problems and ideas. Energy management, forklift driving, rack safety, health and safety generally, even cold store clothing and situations vacant. Let see what happens.

All the best.
James Cunningham.