We have an ice issue, can you please help?

A few months back I attended to a call out, the client had indicated there was an ice issue. Upon my arrival I was surprised at the enormity of the problem. I could not resolve their ‘issue’ immediately as the entire room had been flooded two days prior to my arrival. I was surprised even further to see hot water being poured over the ice in the freezer by staff!

After witnessing the attempt at “melting the ice” I could not help but chuckle at this strange “solution”.

We recommended using our product Ice Melt which would take about 10 minutes to melt the ice, making it easier to sweep the ice up from the floor instead of chipping at it with hammers or picks. The cause of the ice problem was a sprinkler head being knocked off while attempting to remove a pallet!

– Gary Smith, Barpro Installations Manager

Ice problem caused by flooding in a cold store



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