Tswana Pride – Making us proud !

A Storax system was installed at the Tswana Pride abattoir outside Gaborone in early 2011. It has a capacity of 588 x 2000mm high pallets which are made from plastic rather than wood. The plastic pallets are supported by specially designed steel grids. These stop the pallets from slipping off the load beams and provide support as plastic can become brittle in the cold. Pallet support beams are used on the bottom level of the Storax mobiles for the same purpose.

An inspection was carried out on the installation in January 2013 and the only fault found was a broken push button on a control panel.

Congratulations to the manager Naboth Mujaji and to the abattoir general manager, Wayne van Niekerk on an outstanding report.  Tswana Pride is also our first cold storage client to sign up for a Barpro Service Level Agreement on their Storax mobiles.

Plastic Pallets
Plastic pallet resting on a steel grid as part of the trials that took place in Cape Town prior to the Tswana Pride installation.
Tswana Pride soon after installation
Tswana Pride soon after installation