The biggest solar photovoltaic plant in Africa – Installation by Solareff

Hyprop Investment Limited’s Gauteng-based regional shopping centre, Clearwater Mall, has tripled the generation output of its solar photovoltaic (PV) plant and now boasts Africa’s largest rooftop Solar PV system.

The first phase, totaling 500kWp, was installed in November 2014. Due to its success, Hyprop installed the second phase of Solar PV at Clearwater Mall, adding an additional 1000kWp, which is expected to increase energy savings at the mall by up to 10% of the mall’s total consumption.

The system generates on average 2500000kWh electricity per annum, equal to the consumption in the same period of 347 average households. The panels cover an area of approximately 12000m², saving 3000 tons of coal per annum thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions in excess of 2500 tons per annum.

The energy yield from solar panels closely matches the electrical consumption curve of the shopping malls and the bulk of electricity is used during the daytime, making solar panels the ideal alternate energy source. As malls operate seven days a week there is no wastage of solar energy over weekends. A further benefit is that solar energy requires minimal maintenance.

CEO Pieter Prinsloo says: “The additional 1000kWp will help mitigate the impact of continuously rising electricity costs, as well as shrinking Hyprop’s carbon footprint, in line with the primary objectives of our environmental strategy.”  Prinsloo confirms that Hyprop’s investment in solar power for Clearwater Mall is the first step with similar ‘green’ solutions to be rolled out at other centres in the portfolio.

Clear Water Malls solar photovoltaic (PV) plant Installed by Solareff
Clear Water Malls solar photovoltaic (PV) plant Installed by Solareff