Storing different proteins in the same cold store?

Storing different proteins in one cold store? – As several of our cold store customers have experienced “official” difficulties with storing different proteins in the same freezer store, we attach copies of an interesting correspondence which appeared recently on the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) website. The GCCA provides training courses and lots of other interesting information for Cold stores worldwide. If anyone would like to join the GCCA please ask us for more details.


“A GCCA member posted in the online community in search of storage and handling advice. The main concern was the potential for cross-contamination when storing mixed meats together – specifically pork and chicken. Both the WFLO Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) and members in the GCCA Online Community 3PL Supply Chain Forum weighed in.

Question: We have a client who is planning to store pork and chicken in the same large rooms at – 25ºC, but he is afraid of some issues regarding cross contamination between these two products as he has heard in some countries you are not allowed to store these two type of products together.

Answer: At -25ºC, these products are frozen and I assume well-packaged. Since they are frozen and well-packaged, the chance for cross contamination (allergens) and odor transfer is low. The company should follow their good handling practices, but they can be stored in the same room. Make sure that they are stored on separate racks.

Answered by WFLO Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) Chairman Dr. Michael Jahncke, Virginia Tech University.

Additional responses provided by GCCA members in the 3PL Supply Chain Forum concluded that similar answers apply in both Costa Rica and Spain. According to these warehouse operator members, since both products are frozen, completely sealed in plastic bags, and packed in boxes, there is no threat of cross contamination. It is also not economically feasible in Costa Rica to have separate rooms for specific products. The members also stated that if storage of hanged carcasses or bulk products that are not packaged is required, some issues may be raised. However, the operator could hang them in separate rows, not necessarily in separate chambers. Finally, the member in Spain suggested a cost-saving tip: “Unless you have a specific requirement for such low temperature (-25ºC), you can easily store them at -18ºC to -20ºC with no harm and will save a lot of energy costs.” Join the conversation in the online community”