Storax Mobiles survive earthquakes

The Parmesan cheese Industry near Bologna took a hit in the recent magnitude 6 earthquake. Over 300,000 cheese wheels were damaged or destroyed as the special storage racks fell over like giant dominoes.

Racking collapse at parmesan factory

This is a disaster for a local industry which has been making this distinctive cheese for over 400 years.But the risks of such a disaster can be substantially decreased by using mobile racking, especially if the bases are fitted with anti- tip technology. Storax Racking Systems, for example, had a system close to the epicentre of the last Chilean quake. It survived with minor damage, mainly caused by falling roof panels, while other fixed racking systems collapsed even though they were a lot further from the epicentre.

This is a hidden advantage of mobiles which should not be underestimated in earthquake prone areas.