Why are you replacing push buttons on your mobile racking?

Damaged push buttons are not a simple wear and tear problem.

Our Cape Town Technicians, Mark Pearce and Gary Smith, have started noticing a trend on the rise. It seems that forktruck drivers have started using the end of their forks to push, and inevitably damaging the push buttons on Storax base control panels.

What is a push button?

A push button is situated on the top of your control panel and is used to start or stop a mobile.

Pictured Above: Damage on the control panel of a cascade Storax mobile racking system.
Pictured Above: Damage on the control panel of a cascade Storax mobile racking system.


The reason is because the remote in the forktruck or handheld remote is not working. Implications of a faulty control panel could mean priceless standing time when a mobile is unable to open a specific aisle, a call out fee and of course, spares and labour.

Our technicians suggest the following:

  • Check your current remotes. They might either need to be charged or repaired if faulty.
  • Purchase new radio key pads or hand held remotes. Radio keypads are used for cascade control systems and are installed in the forktruck. This allows the forktruck driver to move bases from the comfort of his heated cab. Individual control systems are moved by hand held remote controls which can also be used by the forktruck driver.
  • Having regular maintenance checks done by supervisors or managers and keeping staff accountable for damage to bases and control panels.

All handbooks, which are provided to the client at the time of commissioning, include a Storax Maintenance Schedule which instructs on how frequently certain aspects of the mobiles need to be checked as well as fault diagnosis with typical faults and solutions.

Another way to ensure maintenance checks are done regularly is to have a Service Level Agreement in place. Inspections will be done by one of Barpro’s experienced technicians either once or twice a year, depending on how often the client prefers and will report on housekeeping and visible damage.

CPT Installations Manager: Gary Smith - gary@barpro.co.za
CPT Installations Manager: Gary Smith – gary@barpro.co.za
CPTTechnician: Mark Pearce - mark@barpro.co.za
CPT Technician:         Mark Pearce – mark@barpro.co.za

Contact us today to enquire about our Service Level Agreement and Maintenance Inspections








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