‘Pongola cold storage was founded by Klasie Postma on Klasie Havenga Street, Pongola in 2000 to supply frozen and other food products to retailers, restaurants and resorts in Northern Zululand.’

With an area that extended as far as Volksrust in the West, by 2016 more frozen storage space was required and Postma built a new store equipped with Storax mobile racking.

The racking is three pallets high, and the store had a capacity of almost 500 pallets upon its completion in 2017.  It is the largest freezer store in Zululand.

During our recent visit, Mr Postma showed us his new Hybrid refrigeration system, which saves him R60,000 per month in electricity. A generator is used to supply power during load shedding. The freezer store is ice free, a difficult achievement in the area’s humid environment.

The five mobiles are well maintained and looked as though they had recently been installed. His store manager and reach truck driver Sipho Ndwandwe looks after the freezer store and ensures that it is kept spotless. 

Postma remarked that “we have been using the mobiles now for 7 years without a problem. They have transformed our business and are so easy to use.”

Postma’s Dispatch Manager Naas Minaar is still happily wearing the Delf jacket he had received when the freezer store had been commissioned.   Delf freezer wear products are not only the best products on the market, but also have long useful lives

Mr Postma and his team must be congratulated for creating and maintaining such an efficient cold storage operation.


From left to right:  Klasie Postma, Sipho Ndwandwe & James Cunningham

Postma’s Dispatch Manager Naas Minaar