Confectionary going mobile

Goosebumps is a frozen dough and confectionery manufacturer based in Blackheath, Cape Town. Their manufacturing facility ensures that Goosebumps supplies frozen goods of consistently high quality to more than 3 000 bakeries, countrywide. This manufacturer of baking products works on a Freezer-to-oven (FTO) technology which allows clients to bake products proving that it saves time and electricity and gives consistent results.  To ensure that the FTO technology offers the best results and efficient production processes, Goosebumps invested in a mobile racking system. 

Barpro Storage was approached by Mr Vaughn Jensen from Rack Pro (Pty) to install a mobile racking system in the facility. The pallet racking was done by Rack Pro (Pty) Ltd which specializes in planning, sale, and installation of high quality new and reconditioned storage systems. The mobile system was commissioned in August 2020 which allowed 1407 pallets of which 720 are on mobile racks and 687 pallets on fixed racking. The pallet load does not overlap the wooden pallet base. The facility has a wall to wall width of 23 metres and a height of 11 metres.

With our rails placed throughout the store, even where the static raking has been positioned, it allows for future installation of additional bases. The static racking installed is already designed for suitability to the future mobile bases.

The mobile system allows for:

  • Durability
  • Unrivalled capacity: Up to 80% more
    capacity than fixed racking
  • Efficient: Utilises all available space,
    with height capabilities of over 12m
  •  Accessible: Immediate access to every pallet position
  • Cost-effective: Dramatic reduction in
    cost per pallet for the entire facility
  • Energy-saving: Smaller footprint
    significantly decreases cold-storage
    energy costs
  •  Retrofit-friendly: Ideal for new or
    existing warehouses and cold stores
  •  Adaptable: Works within most

In the end mobile racking uses half of your warehouse space and reduce your costs.

Features of mobile racking system at Goosebumps:

  1. Side members to protect base and cables
  2. Rack end bollards are installed to protect the racking from side impact
  3. Fixed photo-electric safety trip bar
  4. Wooden bumpers weigh around 75kgs and provides protection to guide wheel units at the front of the mobile bases

For more information please contact:

For pallet racking enquiries:

Mr Vaughn Jensen

Rackpro (Pty) Ltd

C: 082 820 3554

T: 021 385 0302