New Installation: Commercial Cold Storage – Paarden Eiland

CCS Logistics, one of South Africa’s leading cold store operators, needed to increase storage capacity in Room F at their Paarden Eiland cold store. This involved replacing the fixed selective racking with mobiles, effectively doubling the capacity. Mr. Jaco Ollewagen, Technical manager of CCS Logistics asked Barpro to provide solutions for the existing room.

Barpro provided a solution for the installation, design, and supply of a cascade control mobile system with rails and bases. The complete system allows for a storage capacity of 2160 pallets on mobile racks and 255 pallets on fixed racking giving a total of 2415 pallet positions.  The initial South African COVID-19 Lockdown and changes in the floor design meant that the store could only be commissioned in late October 2020.  Barpro and the rack suppliers Palian were commended by Jaco Ollewagen for their professional installation.