Wearing the correct attire is vital for keeping people safe, warm, and comfortable when working in natural unnatural environments. However, we know that there are a lot of misconceptions about these types of clothing.

Let us bust these myths:

Myth #1: It is heavy

The first issue about cold-wear clothing is that to keep the user warm it needs to be thick and heavy.

Technological advances in the design of fabrics mean that this is no longer true for Delf Clothing. The range is made of lightweight, versatile fabric that is extremely strong, keeping the wearer safe, warm, and comfortable in any cold environment.

Myth #2: It makes movement difficult

Delf Coldwear knows that working in bulky, ill-fitting clothing can make your job very difficult. The Cocoon range is manufactured with comfort in mind – the knee areas are patterned for ease of movement and the arms are designed not to shrink up the length of the arm when outstretched.

Delf’s Cocoon Freezer Store Salopettes are made generously fashioned to allow comfortable movement. The Salopettes has:

  • Double stitched seams for added strength
  • Soft and supple warm specialist insulation with low bulk (the 300g insulation is quilted in a 10cm box design to a royal blue polyester lining)
  • Salopettes have ‘combat’ style pockets, gussets at the knee to allow for comfortable movement and thermal pouch pockets to accommodate knee pads
  • Trousers that have elastic braces with non-metallic clips and back spacer, and salopettes adjustable shoulder straps. All our cold store trousers and salopettes are fitted with a pocket for an optional knee pad to ensure comfort when kneeling on hard cold store floors.

Myth #3: It gets sweaty

If you follow our recommendations of layering correctly under cold store clothing, you shouldn’t have a problem with over-perspiring. Wearing a thermal layer against your body helps to wick away any perspiration from your body and prevents you from getting uncomfortable and cold. Next, you should have a lightweight insulating layer – a fleece jacket is perfect. Finally, you should wear your cold store clothing, like a cold store jacket and cold store trousers or salopettes over it all, and you’ll be ready to go.

Myth #4: Freezer and Cold-Environment gloves make it hard to pick up anything

Protecting your hands is a must while working in a cold environment, but low-quality, bulky gloves can make it almost impossible to do anything with your hands. Luckily, it is possible to find protective, non-bulky cold store gloves when you dig into the full range of freezer work glove options!

Delf Coldwear Solutions has a range of gloves for all sorts of different cold conditions. Regardless of which pair you choose, you will find our gloves are lightweight, flexible, and give you greater control to grip and use your hands. This way, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort or safety for the necessary dexterity to get the job done. 

Myth #5: Cold environment headgear is uncomfortable and annoying

Wearing something on your head while working in a cold environment is extremely important; people generally lose a great deal of heat through their heads when it’s not covered. For many of us, however, the idea of wearing a balaclava, beanie, or gaiter isn’t a great one, because we think it will get in the way and be itchy and uncomfortable. With the right headwear, however, it doesn’t have to be – Delf offers a range of cold store headwear options, designed for warmth, protection, and comfort.

For example, a hooded jacket is not a good idea in a freezer store – it is best to have a separate cover as alleviated hoods negatively affect over-the-shoulder vision and can result in accidents.

Get Comfortable Low-Temperature Clothing with Delf Coldwear Solutions

Check out the video below and see how critics test our suits by clicking on the link in a real cold environment.

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