What fire prevention system is suitable for your cold storage area? Whatever type of racking is used, appropriate fire protection is necessary as an ordinary warehouse. 

Wagner’s latest innovation is the oxygen reduction system; OxyReduct® fire prevention system, ensuring that fires do not develop. Three components are necessary namely: oxygen, heat energy and fuel. If any of these components are taken away, no fire can start. Wagner explains that by reducing the oxygen content of the air, it will eliminate any chance of a fire. Research shows that oxygen reduction (or hypoxic) systems are being used in warehouse facilities as an alternative to sprinkler protection. The basic principle of operation is to displace the ambient oxygen in an enclosed environment with one or more nitrogen generators. 

South African Case Study

In 2016, a fire broke out at Karan Beef in an old warehouse building. The directors wanted to prevent a similar situation from occurring in their new cold store. “We had the oxygen reduction system from Wagner installed to prevent a fire from developing or spreading “.Through the system, the oxygen content in the area was lowered below the ignition threshold for the prevailing critical materials – mainly packaging material.

In South Africa, sprinklers are currently the standard method of suppressing fires in chilled and frozen stores. However, with the release of water, sometimes accidentally, damage is caused to product and floor ice makes the store difficult to operate especially if there is mobile racking. There are now freezers in South Africa using oxygen reduction systems. It is safe for personnel to operate inside hypoxic stores. Why is this method of preventing fires not used more often?

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