Cape Mohair

Cold Store Socks

Colours available: Denim, pine, sterling, fawn, olive

In early 2017 we asked a cold store picker at a well known cold storage facility in Cape Town to assist us in choosing the best sock for the cold store working environment. The full story can be read here. He was given 5 different types of socks – Cape Mohair wool mix, New Zealand Possum wool mix, a sock with a mixture of acrylic and nylon which is supplied by Delf Coldwear, Cape Alpaca fur and a typical woollen safety sock and asked to wear one pair a day and to rate each sock on quality, smell, warmth and comfort. The specific cold store picker was selected by the amount of time he spends inside of a freezer store during one day because the best cold store sock would need to keep a typical cold store workers feet warm and comfortable for as long as possible.

One of our volunteers favourites was the Cape Mohair wool mix which was one Barpro Storage had supplied to cold stores many years ago.



In 1838 Sultan Mahmad II of the Ottoman Empire sent twelve neutered rams and one female to Port Elizabeth. He neutered the rams to prevent breeding in South Africa but the female was pregnant with a kid ram which is how the South African mohair industry began.  Now the Karoo produces the most Angora goat mohair in the world. Mohair is an antibacterial and insulated fibre which prevents moisture from clinging to the skin.


The mohair fibres in its natural state are smooth and fragile which is why its knitted with a blend of wool and polyamide which acts as binding elements and makes the mohair is usuble and durable for all types of garments such as socks, scarfs and even blankets.


Benefits of Mohair

  • Mohair is insulating which keeps feet warmer for longer.

  • The smooth fibres makes it naturally breathable preventing bacteria and moisture buildup so so smell.

Introductory cost from R120.00 per pair (excluding vat and delivery)

Discounts available for large quantities ordered.

Contact us if you would like to purchase mohair socks for your cold store workers.

Stock is made to order and Barpro will only be purchasing with sufficient client interest.

Cape Town: 021 552 9190

Johannesburg: 011 450 1075

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