Another good reason to do repairs

For those who dont like doing proactive maintenance on the Storax mobiles, just listen to this horror story. Last year after a Storax inspection a customer was told that an electronic component was acting up and needed to be changed. The cost was below R5000. No order was forthcoming.

In November on a Monday morning with a new client in the room, the component gave up the ghost. Result? an unhappy customer. Lots of trucks lined up in the road. Additional costs to get the component there and fitted. The supervisor had to pull an all nighter to catch up and then had a vehicle accident on the way home. He ended up in hospital.
I dont think a final cost was ever put to this crisis but can guarantee that it was considerably more than the original component.

We at Barpro are trying to stop this sort of thing from happening. But clients must help us by asking us to do inspections and then carrying out the repairs that are suggested. Lets face it if you take your car in for a service and you get a call to say that the brake pads are shot, how many of you will refuse to change them?