Gabor Hilton Visits us from Australia

Gabor Hilton with Ebrahim Salt and Morne Theunissen inside a cold room at Etlin International Johannesburg

Gabor Hilton, Engineer at Oxford Cold Storage in Melbourne, Australia visited South Africa in June of this year. Invited by SARDA, he addressed two open meetings on cold store energy efficiency, participated at a meeting of South Africa’s cold store energy committee and visited both cold and chilled stores in the Western Cape and Johannesburg. With over 45 years of cold storage  experience Gabor was happy to discuss all aspects of refrigeration and how energy costs could be reduced. One of the points he made about South African stores was that, in some instances, the basics of energy saving still required attention. For example, too many cold store doors were being left open for extended periods, he said. Managers had to understand how badly this affected energy efficiency and ensure that the doors were kept closed. He also pointed out some other simple energy saving  changes that could be made to  refrigeration systems.  If you would like to know more, feel free to contact James Cunningham. Phone (021) 552 9190 or email