The importance of high-quality PPE when working in cold stores

NEWS & MEDIA | 28 July 2022

The importance of high-quality PPE when working in cold stores

During Covid-19, we learned that if our body temperatures was higher than 37.5˚C, we might have Covid. Some know that the heart will stop at a core temperature of less than 20˚C. If the body’s core temperature is lower than 37.5˚C, humans quickly lose concentration and the ability to do simple calculations.

Working at cold temperatures can affect the joints & cause painful hands & feet.

Apart from the medical conditions, continuously cold hands, and feet together with the painful warming process makes cold store workers unproductive requiring more time in warmer areas.

Working in freezer stores can forces the body to produce additional more heat to maintain a core temperature of 37.5˚C. The selection of cold store clothing should include an understanding of the duties that the wearer is likely to perform and the clothing itself should be able to ‘wick’ perspiration away from the skin.  Reach truck drivers who are relatively ‘inactive’ when driving the vehicles should be considered for more highly insulated clothing than picking staff for example.


What is Delf Freezer Wear?

It’s a range of cold store clothing, boots and gloves imported from the UK which have been produced to European health and safety standards. Delf freezer wear is tough and durable and has been proven to last up to three times longer than locally produced cold store PPE.

Why Delf?

Delf uses a polyester blend of hollow and solid fibres which traps air far more efficiently than other cold wear that simply restricts air movement in the fibre matting.

The human brain starts losing functionality when the body’s core temperature is lowered by more than 0.5°C. With insufficient protection this can happen in as little as 10 minutes inside a freezer room. This means that employees will experience difficulty in performing simple calculations or driving forklifts. Apart from physical discomfort and potential health problems, Delf garments keep cold store workers warm for longer and increase productivity.

Hollow fiber technology provides vastly improved insulation for freezer wear. The Delf Freezer wear range incorporates the latest European Health and safety requirements into their PPE and uses a special fiber blend including hollow fill fibers. This tough and durable cold wear PPE includes a range of salopettes, jackets, boots, gloves, and headgear which guarantee to keep cold store workers warm and increase productivity.

These high-quality European standards products are available from Barpro Storage SA.