Barpro Storage Rack Safety Inspectors’ journey becoming a SEMA Approved Racking Inspector (SARI)

NEWS & MEDIA | 28 July 2022

Barpro Storage Rack Safety Inspectors’ journey becoming a SEMA Approved Racking Inspector (SARI)

“So, there I was on a plane to the UK finally to complete the long-awaited SEMA SARI course (SEMA Approved Racking Inspector). With a limited number of candidates per year, Covid and travel restrictions, I had to wait two and a half years. The course would put me on a different level when it comes to Rack inspections in South Africa. Racking companies in South Africa work to SEMA Regulations. There isn’t currently any SARI representative registered in South Africa.”

The course started with a 1-day Rack safety awareness course which is crucial for the SARI course that follows the following week. The theoretical course is held at SEMA offices in Burntwood, Birmingham with the practical takes place off site in Coventry. The course is presented by two SEMA’s Directors who combined have nearly 60 years’ experience in racking and shelving and associated fields.

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The UK has various systems pertaining to Health and Safety and one of these include HSG76 which helps to guide companies through the extensive list of safety regulations. One of these guidelines is to regularly complete and maintain records of Rack inspections. This is conducted by a competent trained person. The system is in operation throughout the UK for many years and company’s see the benefits through less damages and less risk of collapses. I would recommend that the system is implemented in South Africa.

It also includes the setting up of systems for reporting on your rack structure through a PRRS (Person Responsible for Racking Safety). Barpro has designed the Rack Safety Awareness Course based on the SEMA Code of practice for the local market. We will train your staff in the operations of the racking and following one PRRS’s. The PPRS then implements the systems that integrates with their HSE system. Once or twice a year you will have an inspector to inspect the structure and he can get feedback through record keeping. It would also teach you the right way in preparing the report to customers and what it entails.

The course was a worthwhile experience, and I would recommend it.  I completed the theoretical and practical course and but was unsuccessful. However, I will persue to redo the SEMA SARI course again in the near future.

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