A new way to sanitise cold stores?

As seen on the internet: “Unique Australian technology cleaning cool room storages and improving food quality”

“A unique Australian-developed atmosphere management technology system is proving to be very popular throughout the horticulture sector, with substantial growth in on-farm use across many regions nationally and overseas.
Airofresh is a patented highly intense oxidation module, driven by light, and combined light frequencies and specialized coatings, destroys all airborne contaminants such as virus, bacteria, fungi, mould and gas phase ethylene. One of the main advantages is the reduced need for post-harvest chemicals.
“Most of the other machines on the market are mostly based on ozone,” Airofresh Intl Distribution Manager Desmond Muir said. “Ozone is not healthy for humans; you cannot go into a room that is running an ozone unit, but with this you can. What it actually does is destroys all moulds, bacterial infections and everything on the fruit and sterilises the rooms as well. It can be used in any environment that has a need to destroy and remove moulds, fungi and bacteria.”


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Picture Source: freshplaza.com


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