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As seen on the Internet – “Do we all understand the positive effect the revival of CSC will have?”

As seen on the internet – The positive effect of reviving Cold Storage Company (CSC)

“ACTING President Phelekezela Mphoko and Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Deputy Minister responsible for livestock Paddy Zhanda visited industries in Bulawayo including the Cold Storage Company (CSC) last week.

During the tour, Deputy Minister Zhanda made a passionate plea for Government to support the revival of CSC.
A telling revelation was made during the plea that a proposed turnaround strategy which was submitted to Government in 2014 is yet to be approved.

Honestly this ignites questions which need honest answers. Is it the Government process which is slow or some over-paid and underutilised person is just sitting on the documents?

Do we all understand the strategic nature of CSC as a parastatal in driving the economy in general and beef industry in particular?

Do we all understand the positive effect the revival of CSC will have?

Talk of veterinary drugs and inputs industry, stockfeed manufacturers, canning and processing industry just to mention a few.

These will spring into life the moment CSC is resurrected. However, resurrecting CSC needs people to ask themselves hard questions and be prepared to deal with hard answers. One such question is what really is the problem with CSC?

While Deputy Minister Zhanda spoke of the need for capital injection and ring fencing the debt that is currently haunting the terminally ill parastatal, am really not sold to the idea that money alone is the problem at CSC.

I know it is almost every human being’s default settings to think of money as the panacea for all problems but we all know that a company usually has two kinds of resources vital for its operations. These are the human resources and the financial resources which includes assets.

It has been recorded that we do not have the financial resources at CSC at the moment but do we have the human resources to run this company?

Is the team running CSC, the best this country can produce? What is the turnaround strategy saying? Does it look at the root causes of the failure of CSC? Are we addressing those issues or we just massage them with the hope that they will go away?

I know these questions can be very uncomfortable to others and might even invite a backlash but it is when we begin to talk to real issues that we begin to find solutions.”

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