As seen on the internet: Irony Alert: It’s Warmer Inside Des Moines Cold Storage Than it is Outside

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“DES MOINES, Iowa — They call it “the coolest job in the metro,” but ironically enough, it is actually warmer inside Des Moines Crossroads Cold Storage than it is outside.

“Not used to it at all. This is weird this place being warmer than outside right now,” said employee Joshua Sanders.

The loading dock is set to a balmy 35 degrees (Fahrenheit).

“It’s cold today and now the wind’s picked up, and it’s colder outside than it is in here, so the guys really liked to come to work today,” said Vice President Chad Witte.

Employees say it is crazy that it’s warmer inside the dock than it is outside, but what’s even crazier is that with the wind chills, it feels warmer inside the negative-10 degree blast freezer.

“If I could open up the window in those freezers and save some energy today and pull in some of that cold air like tonight, I would love to do that on our energy bill,” said Witte.”

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