October-November Newsletter

October-November Newsletter

October-November Newsletter


Welcome to the latest edition of the Barpro Storage newsletter. We aim to keep you updated on the latest news and developments within our organization and industry.

Is Ice Build Up turning your Freezer Room floor into an Ice Rink and posing a huge health and safety risk?

Ask yourself: Is there ice build-up in your freezer store?Have you checked areas in your freezer store where warm most air could possible leak in and form ice?Is the ice difficult to remove?Has your staff used forceful methods possibly damaging your freezer store floors and walls?Does the ice interfere with the day-to-day functioning of your…


Are you compromising your warehouse space? Traditionally pallets of packed fruit were secured by securing the steel corner posts to each pallet and storing another level of pallets on top. While doubling store capacity, this form of block storage effectively prevented stock rotation, increased stock damage and in some cases prevented adequate cooling. As fruit…

Successful oxygen reduction system installation in South Africa

FX Prevent announced the completion of its first LOX® Fire Prevention system in South Africa, commissioned by Euroberry (Pty) Ltd and brokered by FX Prevents’ South African distributors: Nitro-Gen Africa. Euroberry is a supplier of frozen fruits to the South African industrial market with a range that includes fruit purees, concentrates and dried fruits. Founded…

Solving Inventory Shrinkage in Supply Chain, Logistics and Distribution

A Solution by Fleming Group “Inventory shrinkage – the loss of goods post-manufacture but pre-sale to customers – poses significant risks to the bottom lines of logistics firms and firms housing elaborate supply-chains. To meaningfully address the challenge, shrinkage needs to be prevented,  not responded to after-the-fact.” Industry Challenges – Inventory Shrinkage and Reckless Forklift…


Confectionary going mobile Goosebumps is a frozen dough and confectionery manufacturer based in Blackheath, Cape Town. Their manufacturing facility ensures that Goosebumps supplies frozen goods of consistently high quality to more than 3 000 bakeries, countrywide. This manufacturer of baking products works on a Freezer-to-oven (FTO) technology which allows clients to bake products proving that it saves…



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