January – February Newsletter

January – February Newsletter

January – February Newsletter



Shortage of steel profile stocks

One of the unpredictable consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic is an ongoing shortage of steel profiles.  South Africa’s Arcelor Mittal closed furnaces at its Van der Bijl and Newcastle plants. The decision to stop production at the continuous smelter in Saldanha Bay was made for financial reasons shortly before the Covid crisis began. As steel…

Insulated doors for your cold or freezer store

Cold room doors remain of interest to Barpro, as those which remain open or don’t seal properly can cause a shim of ice on the cold room floor preventing mobiles from operating efficiently. In 2016, Barpro discussed the importance of freezer store entrances. More importantly, cold store doors play a critical role in the efficient…

The importance of high-quality PPE when working in a cold store

During Covid, we have all learned that if your body core temperature is higher than 37.5˚C, you are unwell. Maybe some are aware that the heart will stop at a core temperature of less than 29˚C. If the body’s temperature is lower than 37.5˚C, humans quickly lose concentration and the ability to do simple calculations.…

Structural Strength – APC

To expand the business interest of Barpro Storage SA in the Australian market, the company has an association with APC Engineered Storage Solutions. The Australian Logistics and supply chain management magazine reported on the latest activities of APC in their latest publication. The APC article on mezzanine floors below may be of interest to the…


Pallet racking in South Arica is being designed for heavier pallets at even higher levels. While pallet racking is perfectly capable of carrying heavier and higher loads, rack damage will reduce the strength of the racking and may eventually result in a collapse. Weekly inspections are a great way of preventing rack damage from becoming…

New Installation: Commercial Cold Storage – Paarden Eiland

CCS Logistics, one of South Africa’s leading cold store operators, needed to increase storage capacity in Room F at their Paarden Eiland cold store. This involved replacing the fixed selective racking with mobiles, effectively doubling the capacity. Mr. Jaco Ollewagen, Technical manager of CCS Logistics asked Barpro to provide solutions for the existing room. Barpro…


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