Barpro Storage August 2019 Newsletter

Barpro Storage August 2019 Newsletter

Barpro Storage August 2019 Newsletter


Barpro Storage August 2019 Newsletter

Another phase completed at Bella Frutta!

Picture Source: Dexion Cape In early July 2019, Gary Smith’s installation team finalized the phase three mobile racking at Bella Frutta, a large fruit packhouse in the Western Cape. Designed for a store of 537m2 the Storax mobile racking has capacity for 702 high cube pallets in a clear height of 8500mms each with a max…

Barpro Welcomes Madelaine Pieterse

Madelaine Pieterse has recently joined the Barpro Storage sales team. Madelaine has experience selling to the construction industry and will be developing Barpro’s market for mobile racking in the ambient warehouse sector. Madelaine can be contacted at or 021 5529190.   [gravityform id="5" title="true" description="true"]

New premises for Barpro Storage JHB Branch

The JHB branch was set up a number of years ago and started off as a small office with only two people in Sunnyrock Germiston. The open plan setup and workshop was working well, but parking was problematic and the premises became too small. For our customers who doesn’t know this already, Barpro’s offices have…

Safety in Cold Stores

Contributed by Des Fell, Founder and M.D. of Accredited Training which has been training forklift drivers for over 30 years. As a leader in the training industry of forklifts, and particularly in freezer stores, I am really amazed and disappointed in what I have recently observed. Companies, obviously in an attempt to save expenses, which…

Lizelle van der Berg is appointed as Director for GCCA South Africa

The GCCA (Global Cold Chain Alliance) recently appointed Lizelle van der Berg to lead their efforts in South Africa. As Director, Lizelle will be representing the GCCA in its worldwide efforts to strengthen and develop the global temperature-controlled supply chain. GCCA consists of three Core Partner trade associations, which provide relationships, resources, and recognition to…

As seen on the internet - Online grocery shopping causing cold storage shortage

Image Source: Although online shopping and delivery of meals “ready to eat” has not taken off to the same extent in South Africa as yet as it has in the US and Europe, there is no reason why it will not develop in major cities . Maybe South African cold stores situated in Johannesburg, Durban…

As seen on the internet - "Cold storages demand incentives and reduction in power duties"

Image Source: An article from the Gujarat Times is attached. Seems the Gujarat cold stores are putting pressure on their state government to reduce electricity ‘duties’ as they argue cold stores form a critical part of the supply chain. The article suggests that while cold stores are now classed as an “industry” the state is…


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