August Barpro Storage newsletter

August Barpro Storage newsletter

August Barpro Storage newsletter


Do you have a heating system in your cold store ?

Heater mats

Every freezer store must have a heating system that prevents groundwater under the store from freezing and pushing up the cold room floor, otherwise known as “frost heave.”  Cold stores, i.e., those where the air temperature does not go below zero traditionally did not have underfloor heating systems. However, South African palletized fruit stores running at…

Pallet Support beams

PALLET SUPPORT BEAMS. WHAT ARE THEY, WHY DOES BARPRO RECOMMEND THEM AND WHAT OTHER OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE? Pallet support beams (PSB) are primarily designed to prevent pallets from sagging in the middle when stored with the 1000mm side facing (1200mm) deep in mobile racking. Racking is generally designed to support GKN Chep Code 1 four-way pallets as…

Kerbs in a cold store

Kerbs in cold and freezer stores prevent damage to the insulated Chromadek wall panels which are easily dented and damaged. Kerbs can prevent side impacts by forklifts, reach trucks, or pallets on the ground level only. they do not provide panel protection above this.   There are several different options. Concrete barrier kerbs installed after…

Busy Corner Meats - New Installation

Busy Corner Meat is an independent, privately-owned meat wholesaler based in Landsdowne, Cape Town.  It sources, prepares, packs, and distributes meat products. Each week more than 300 tons of meat are delivered to their Busy Corner Butcher Shops, Locals, restaurants, catering, and retail clients. With more than 400 staff and a fleet of 30 distribution…

Barpro Storage Rack Inspection Tool Training

"A MANAGED RACKING STRUCTURE, IS A SAFE STRUCTURE" With the increased need for rack safety awareness, Barpro has started a rack inspection training course using our rack safety inspection tool. The tool was developed to be used as an indicator of rack damage to uprights, bracings & beam deflections. The objective of the course is…


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