High Dense Mezzanine Storage Solutions & Case Picking

NEWS & MEDIA | 28 July 2022

High Dense Mezzanine Storage Solutions & Case Picking

One of the biggest challenges in managing and running a cold store facility is how to pick individual cases as opposed to full pallets. In the past, most cold store facilities were set up for full pallet distribution. In and out. However, over the last decade or so, retailers are moving away from carrying massive quantities of stock on pallets, rather ordering cases in line with demand freeing up capital previously invested in stock. There’s a growing need for cold store designs to manage case picking as well as full pallets and very often at the same time.

As the leading supplier of high dense mobile racking systems, Barpro Storage has seen an increasing demand for case picking. Multi-tier mezzanine structures are another turnkey solution that can be erected in existing warehouses.

What is a mezzanine structure?

Multi-tier mezzanine consists of intermediate floor in a cold store which is partly open to the palletized storage area, or which does not extend over the entire floor space of the building.

How does it work? SCENARIO

  • A 4 or 5 level of flooring is interconnected by the stairwells in a corner or outside the cold store taking up the least space possible.
  •  Reach trucks retrieve the full pallet from the mobile racking and feed them onto a floor via 1 or 2 pallet gates.
  • Staff with pallet jacks transport them to the dedicated picking locations. From here cases are picked to the pallet jacks and transported back to the pallet gates for the reach truck to remove and place in the staging area. This could be static racks alongside the mezzanine or the floor on the bottom mezzanine level.
  • One picker works each floor and gets to know the location of the different SKUs.

Knowing the products on his floor allows him to pick the heaviest products first to go on the bottom of the pallet and the lightest at the top. This prevents crushing.

The image above is a purpose-built mezzanine floor system inside freezer for case picking. It consists of 4 levels plus order make up on the ground floor. The freezer capacity and case picking productivity are both significantly increased over the traditional system of case picking from bottom level of fixed racks.

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