Celebrating Jacquelene Brotherton for being a leader in warehousing, cold storage, transportation

Congratulations to Jacquelene Brotherton of Oxford Cold Storage in Melbourne for being featured in Food and Beverage Industry News Australia. Jacquelene is a leader amongst that rare breed of transport co-ordinators who remain delightful despite the massive pressures of the job. I hope Food and Beverage wasn’t insinuating that Storax mobiles embody “speed” when featured in the article. The mobiles at Oxford Cold Storage in Melbourne move at about 3.4 meters per minute.

As seen on the internet: “Speed important when running large cold store facility”


Co-ordinating frozen food stuffs in one of the biggest cold storage facilities in the world is no easy task. It is one where you have to be on your toes from the moment you walk through the door to start work until it’s time to go home.


Luckily for Oxford Cold Storage, its transport manager, Jacquelene Brotherton, not only has the experience to do the job, but also has a genuine passion for it. It is an industry she was born to be in, according to Brotherton.


“I have worked in the transport industry my entire working life since 1970 when I was still at school,” she told Food & Beverage Industry News recently. “I would get off the school bus in my uniform and go to work. I did that on afternoons and weekends out the back of Bourke. Since then, I worked for 17 years with Bruce Dickinson Livestock in Dubbo. I worked in fleet management. I worked for Frasers Livestock. I worked several years at Lewington’s. I also worked in the three mainland eastern states over those years. I just never wanted to leave the industry.”


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