Category: Sweepex Brushes

A new way to keep your cold store clean.

Keeping cold store floors clean is difficult.  Cleaners, even if dressed in our superior Delf suits, find it a long and tedious job. We have found that, on occasion, it is easier to sweep the debris under the nearest Storax mobile than remove it from the cold store. As the debris can consist of frozen product, shrink wrap, cardboard, dirt and pallet splinters, it can stop the mobiles from moving.  In the case of shrink wrap, it can end up on the motor pinion eventually causing the drive shaft to break.

Forklift or reach truck mounted Sweepex brushes allow the Storax moving aisles to be swept quickly at the end of each shift.  Since the driver will probably be in a heated cab, efficiencies are improved. While an assistant will still be needed to clean the front guide rail of debris and remove it from the room, this task should not require a dedicated person.