Barpro Storage Rack Inspection Tool Training


With the increased need for rack safety awareness, Barpro has started a rack inspection training course using our rack safety inspection tool. The tool was developed to be used as an indicator of rack damage to uprights, bracings & beam deflections. The objective of the course is to create a regime of rack safety. The training course highlights the need for rack users to conduct weekly inspections and to keep records of damage. External inspections still need to be done, at least bi-annually.


The training includes:

  • The effects of pallet racking accidents on a business and its people.
  • The need for rack inspections.
  • Types and frequency of inspections.
  • Responsibilities – Suppliers and Users.
  • Selecting a PRRS (Person Responsible for Racking Safety).
  • Racking / Components and the role they play.
  • How to use the Barpro Rack Inspection Tool to complete inspections.
  • Completing the paperwork, record keeping and collating.
  • Grading damages and determining actions in line with SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) guidelines.
  • Practical – Trainees get to inspect their own racks.
  • Taking the necessary actions to remedy inspection findings.
  • Total training time required.  5 – 6 Hours.

Contact us

For more information on Barpro’s training, please contact us on:

Maxine Pereira –

(Johannesburg) +27 11 392 1702

Sally Anne Hassan –

(Cape Town) – +27 21 5529190