Barpro Storage February 2019 Newsletter

Barpro Storage February 2019 Newsletter

Barpro Storage February 2019 Newsletter


Barpro Storage February 2019 Newsletter

Timberlea Expansion

In November 2018 Barpro installed a second Storax system at Timberlea Farming Trust at the Blue Jay farm store outside Stellenbosch. The first Storax system was installed in 2013 for 441 pallets each of which is immediately accessible, an important consideration in fruit stores. Phase two, just completed, holds 321 pallets each 1000mms by 1200mms…

Conveyors - Pro's and Cons

Pallet conveyors which move pallets of frozen product into and out of freezer stores have had a chequered history in South Africa. Over twenty years ago they were popular, with extensive systems being installed in several cold stores. Thereafter they became unpopular and now there is a marked resurgence of interest. While some recent inquiries…

The US is waking up to the efficiencies of Storax mobiles

While mobile racking is standard in South Africa with over 400 systems installed since 2000, America’s sleeping giant of a market is now waking up to the opportunities that mobiles afford.  Storax’s agent in the US explains the advantages of Storax mobile racking in the lead up to this year’s Promat exhibition in Chicago.  …

Repairing floors in freezer stores

The above repair was about 450mm at its widest wide 3000mm long and about 70mm deep, and required about 10 litres (18kg) of “Cold Patch”. The repair took about 40 minutes to effect and would have accepted traffic after about 2 to 3 hours. Temperature was minus 25 degrees Celsius.   “Cold Patch” when cured…

As seen on the internet - Ammonia contaminated water can be expensive if not disposed of carefully

[embed][/embed] Source: "Company faces $600k fine after dumping contaminants that killed hundreds of native eels in Christchurch creek"   Click here to read more

As found on the internet - Brexit food stockpiling taking up most of UK's cold storage space

Picture Source: "Manufacturers here are reporting that finished goods are taking up most cold storage space as stockpiles hit a six-month high across the UK in preparation for a no-deal Brexit. The IHS Markit/CIPS UK manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) showed a reading of 54.2 last month, higher than the 53.6 recorded in November -…


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